Where the Trail Ends Book
Where the Trail Ends centers around freerider Darren Berrecloth’s continent jumping search for inimitable terrain that will facilitate his progression of freeride mountain biking . With a crew of Freeriding’s strongest players, the group loaded the camera’s and charted the path for future freeride visionaries.
In late 2012 Noct Bureau flew me to Seattle to work on a companion book for Where The Trail Ends, a film on free-ride biking. Over a two week period I created a bank of grids, illustrations, layouts, and type systems that can be found throughout the book.
The 200 page art book sought to create an authentic representation of a rider’s journal and was made using the collected ephemera from the myriad trips. Each book was packaged in hand-dyed canvas bags and the cover was custom designed to reference a personal journal. Included in each book were five unique cells of 35mm film from the trips and a bookmark in the form of Argentinian currency. Additionally, the first 200 books printed came with loose leaf polaroid photos taken by riders on the journey. The book is printed on multiple paper stocks with industry leading print techniques.

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